Our Instalation Services

Adding Subpanel for Hot Tub

Electricity around pools and hot tubs can be dangerous. When it comes to this kind of work, trust the professionals at S.G.F Electric CORP. to ensure wiring is done to code, the installation comes in on budget and that your safety remains top priority.


Today’s outlets are light years ahead of yesterday’s one-size-fits-all installations, with an array of benefits you’ve likely overlooked. You look forward to, and purchase, new smartphone tech annually. When was the last time you looked into the ‘enhanced functions’ of modern outlets?
Outlet upgrades help to protect you and your family form potential electrical hazards. A GFCI for example constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit and if an interruption is detected, quickly shuts off power to that circuit. Easy and inexpensive installation makes this upgrade a perfect solution to your home.
In case you need any sort of outlet upgrades such as USB Outlets, Recessed Outlets, Pop-Out Outlets, GFCI Outlets, Wi-Fi Outlets, Tamper-Resistant Outlets (TRR), or Outlet Covers, then S.G.F Electric CORP. is your go to professionals.

Potlight Installation

Potlights have gradually grow into some of the most popular lighting choices for homes across Canada, which is why we receive more and more requests for pot light installations. As these lights can be difficult to install, it is vital that you hire the correct contractor to do it for you. As one of Toronto’s leading electrical companies, S.G.F Electric CORP. is delighted to offer the highest quality expert potlight installation services. In order to provide you with the best possible service we use the following methods to create beautiful lighting fixtures for your home’s interior and exterior:

  • Safe Electrical Products:We only use and install electrical products that meet Safety Policies and home building codes in your area.
  • Industry-Leading Tools:As potlights are complicated to install and require re-wiring of your ceilings and walls, it is a difficult task to install them without opening portions of your ceiling. To ensure your satisfaction and prevent any damage, we use only the best technology to cut, place, and wire your ceiling.

Ceiling Fan Installation

At S.G.F Electric CORP., we’ve helped many people save energy and enhance the coziness of their homes with a professional and friendly ceiling fan installation. Our licensed electricians and several years of experience make us equipped to securely handle anything that comes up, including hard-to-reach areas, complex electrical systems, and much more. Take the stress out of fan installation and let the pros at S.G.F Electric CORP. do it for you.

Many people think ceiling fans are just practical in the hot summer months, but the reality is that these devices provide benefits all year round. Some of the best reasons to install a ceiling fan include:

  • Indoor comfort:Ceiling fans create a cool, rejuvenating breeze in warm weather. They can also be set in reverse to heat your home during winter months by pushing hot air downward.
  • Energy savings:Using a ceiling fan is a great way to set your thermostat up or down a few degrees without sacrificing comfort or air circulation. You’ll see the savings reflected in your monthly electrical bill.
  • Extra lighting:Illuminate a large room with the lights of a ceiling fan. If your existing fan doesn’t have lights, our skilled professionals can usually make any necessary upgrades.
  • Decor:With a myriad of sizes and styles to choose from, make the most of your ceiling fan by using it to add functional visual interest to your home.